NOTE: THESE ARE SOLD AS SINGLES, not pairs. So you can mix and match<3


2.5" in length, available in brass (with gold filled hooks), or lightweight aluminum (with sterling silver hooks).


PISCES: These sensitive dreamers seek to balance their whimsical wonder with their logical practicality, making them in this wold, but not always of it. 

SCORPIO:  Often misunderstood, these mysterious truthseekers are extremely intense and complex while being both campassionate and intiutive. 

CANCER: These gentle and devoted nurterers emanate warmth and compassion, and like the cyclic nature of the moon, their emotions too ebb and flow. 


These are powder coated in clear to protect the metal and keep them from oxidizing (both the brass and the aluminum). The black details are extra shiny but durable, so these make the for the ultimate super low maintenance statement earrings!