Meet The Maker

Lauren Lester is a maker and jewelry designer from San Francisco, California but currently resides in Lenoir, North Carolina. She has a background in set design and is a self-taught (but still learning!) metalsmith. So many things inspire Lauren’s work! Including but not limited to fashion, toy design, nature, drag, architecture, interior design, and catholic iconography.


It’s hard to believe While Odin Sleeps began in 2011, almost a decade ago. It started out, aside from keeping her spacey mind and antsy hands busy, as a way to stay nomadic. But as time passed and WOS grew, she needed help to keep up and new tools to materialize new ideas. She also met her partner Scott (a musician and machinist from Virginia), and together they bought a home in Western NC and are raising two dogs. Above all else, Lauren is so grateful of the While Odin Sleeps customers and community that allows her to create, flourish and grow.